A large number of small molecules in development and about 40% of marketed products are sparingly to practically insoluble in water. Poor water solubility of small molecules limits its absorption and/or bioavailability in the human body. MAA’s NanoCont™ technology improves the solubility of a large range of particle sizes through the use of a patented polymer coating for enhanced solubility and/or targeted drug delivery. Improved solubility and  targeted delivery allow reduced dosing, which overcomes the current challenges of higher dose administration, mitigates side effects and/or undesirable effects, as well as  inter- and intra- patient dose variability. MAA has identified the lead candidates in the areas listed below to create new products from the existing small molecules to increase therapeutic efficiency (low dose), mitigate side effects/undesirable effects, and reduce product manufacturing  time significantly.

Products in Development                 Therapeutic Area                   Indication
MAAC-001                                                Oncology                                   Cancer
MAAC-002                                                Oncology                                   Leukemia
MAAC-003                                                Oncology                                   Renal Cell Carcinoma
MAAC-004                                                Oncology                                   Prostate